Sparkly 4C



Everyone, not just white people, loved making fun of black hair until black people decided to stop giving a fuck about their bum ass opinions. Now they all want the “natural hair” umbrella. Cause, if you can’t put down black people for doing it, then you have to be part of it, cause letting black people shine on their own is threatening.


Some men don’t notice their woman until other men do. Fucking shame.


all i want in life is

  • fast wifi
  • fast metabolism
  • fast food
  • fast shipping


DONATE! You know how fucking hard it is to come by money for school in this country. $10 will get her a square three meals a day.


I talk to some of my clients about my oatmeal conditioner and they’re like “why you don’t sell it here?”

So ima start making it. But I wanna get some reviews from people with different hair. for research.

So I need 12 people.

2 groups.

6 at a time OK.

2 per category.

Not everyone will…

So sad I’m in Brazil or I wouls would fill it.